Celebrate and Share a Life Well Lived


We live life together, share many special occasions and when it is all said and done we have made memories. Memories that are captured in a Memorial DVD, Order of Service or Bookmark.


At the Drop of a Hat Productions specialises in sensitively working with family to capture those moments in your loved one's life. Beyond the funeral service it is a wonderful way to take time to reflect and remember.


Capture - A Memorial DVD captures all or part of your loved one's life. Provide us with photos and we will produce a DVD unique to your loved one's life.


Celebrate - An Order of Service once again unique to your loved one can celebrate and honour their life.


Remember - A Bookmark serves as a reminder of your loved one, dear friend, mate or colleague. Great as a thank you gift to people who attend the service.

What is  Memorial DVD?


A special DVD focused on the life of your loved one, shown prior to or during a funeral/memorial service. Created using photographs, videos and music, these special moments can be shared with those who are unable to attend the service and will become a treasured keepsake for family members and friends. Gathering the photographs and resources for the memorial DVD becomes a special time of reminiscing and sharing of memories.

What do you provide for a Memorial DVD?


Photographs - Original photos, CD or USB stick, in your preferred order. At the Drop of a Hat Productions will come to your home to scan original images if required.

Music - A choice of your loved one's favourite music or music that you believe represents their life. Please provide the music on either a CD or USB stick. Alternatively advise the name and artist of the song chosen and we will do our best to locate the song for you. Video, small clips from a favourite video can be incorporated into the Memorial DVD. Any details relating to your loved one, eg favourite flower, colour, hobby or football team will add a special touch to the Memorial DVD.

How long does a Memorial DVD take to produce?

24 hours from the receipt of the photographs and music.

Benefits of a Memorial DVD

Peace of mind knowing the Memorial DVD will play on the day.


“Our family was thrilled with the memorial DVD and orders of service Barb organised for Dad’s funeral. Her creativity combined with her thoughtfulness, kindness and care not only gave us a lovely keepsake of Dad but left us feeling cared for. L"

Order of Service

At the Drop of a Hat Productions will produce an Order of Service to reflect the life of your loved one. We like to add a personal touch to the Order of Service eg, a favourite flower, colour, pastime, football team, in order to honour their life. The Order of Service can be purchased as a stand alone item or as a set with a Memorial DVD.


The Bookmarks At the Drop of a Hat Productions produce are a unique representation of your loved one and can be given to family and friends as a thank you for attending the service or to replace the Order of Service. The Bookmark can be purchased as a stand alone item or as a set with a Memorial DVD and or Order of Service.





Owner, operator and jack of all trades, Barb began At the Drop of a Hat Productions as a result of losing a friend to Cancer.  This prompted a desire to produce Memorial DVD's for people who had lost a loved one.

Further to the Memorial DVD's, Barb gained a Diploma of Interactive Digital Media in 2012 bringing Web Design into the mix.


Now retired, Barb still keeps her hand in by producing Memorial DVD's, Orders of Service, Bookmarks and Web Design.

Please contact me for any questions as per email and phone below.

Email - barb@drophatproductions.com


Phone - 0431 631 663